Email 514: Oral Sex and Throat problems

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May 1, nang makipag oral sex ako sa isang lalaking nakilala ko sa mall. Pagkatap0s nun May 3 ay nagkar0on ako ng bukol sa ilalim ng tenga ko mumps daw yun. 3 days lang nawala dn agad. Next ay nagkar0on naman ako ng sore throat yung parang hirap lumun0k at may nakita ak0ng parang puti na sip0n na kumakapit sa lalamunan ko. Although nakakalun0k ako ng pagkain eh nararamdan ko pa rin ng kaunti ang sakit sa paglun0k. Mula nung mangyari yun ay nag umpisa na ako mag search sa internet about hiv and std. Dun nakita ko ang mga sympt0ms, mula nun di na ako makakain. Di na rin ako maka tulog, lagi akong pinapawisan at nawawalan ng focus sa mga gnagawa ko. Araw2x na lang pinapakiramdaman ko kung may nag bago sa katawan ko. 3 weeks na ngay0n. Yung throat ko lang problema ko n0w. Ang tan0ng ko po.

Ano kaya yung tumubo sa lalamunan ko? May tulo po ba sa lalamunan? An0ng gam0t dito? 3 weeks na 2 sympt0ms pa lang naramdaman ko. Pareho lang b ang std at hiv test? 



May 1 was when I had oral sex with a guy that I met in a mall. Then on May 3, I had a lump that appeared behind my ear and people said that it was mumps. 3 days after it disappeared. Then I had sore throat with difficulty in swallowing and I saw something like a white film that was sticking out from my throat. Although I was able too swallow food, still, it was a bit painful to swallow. 

Since that happened I started to search the internet about HIV and STD. Then when I found out about the symptoms, it was hard to eat anymore. It was also hard for me to sleep, always sweaty and couldn't focus to the things I do. Everyday, I check if there is something different with me. It has been 3 weeks. My throat is my problem now.

My question is what is the problem with my throat? Is there gonorrhea in the throat? What is the medicine for this? For 3 weeks there had been 2 symptoms that I experienced. Are STD and HIV tests the same?



Hi juzt2010.

Thank you for your email. Thank you for finding the blog.

Let me start off that oral sex is very low risk when it comes to HIV. However, if you are the receiver of the oral sex and it happened that you had mouth sores, dental issues, mouth abrasions then the risk becomes higher, but still less that the actual sexual intercourse.

Your symptoms are indicative that you have an infection. we can't just assume what you have by just history alone. The best way to know is for you to consult with an infectious disease doctor to know what is wrong with you. You have a chronic throat issue and you should go to the doctor now and not think anymore. 

STD test and HIV test are different tests. They are specific to each disease entity that a doctor is looking for. Please relay what you told us to the doctor and if an STD or HIV test has been prescribed then just do it. You need to go and plan a scheduled consultation now.

I hope I was able to answer your concern. Please feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

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