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Posted by Pozziepinoy on 4:24 PM

Good Day!

I need your help and advice po, sobrang nag aalala po ako ngayon sa sarili ko kasi parang may mga signs and symptoms po ako ng HIV :( ang inaalala ko po is what if I'm totally positive? Mahirap lang po kami, yun po yung kinakatakot ko na pag nag pa-test po ako at nag positive wala din akong pera para pambili po ng mga gamot :( Please palakasin nyo po loob ko :(

Sobrang stress na ko ngayon need ko po talga ng advice nyo...

Maraming salamat

sana po mabasa nyo tong message ko na to.

tawagin nyo nlng po akong Bords 20 years old.


Good Day!

I need your help and advice. I am so worried now about myself because I sense that I have the signs and symptoms of HIV. What I am worried about is what if I am totally positive? We are poor and what bothers me is if I get tested and the result turns out to be positive, we don't have money to buy the medicines. Please make me have the courage.

I am so stressed now and I really need your advice.

Thank you so much.

I hope that you can read my message.

Just call me Bords, 20 years old.


Hi Bords.

Thank you for your email.

A lot of people are worried about the finances when it comes to HIV that they delay the HIV test itself. Instead of focusing on the future, of being scared about finances, of what will happen to their careers, their dreams and aspirations, once a positive, why not just take the HIv test first. One may never know if he or she is positive despite what they think are "HIV symptoms". One may be worrying about nothing at all.

However, to reply to your concerns, let me tell you the facts:

1. HIV test is FREE in most government/social hygiene. Some are very affordable. Check the link below:

2. HIV Medicines (ARV's) are FREE in all HIV/AIDS Treatment Hubs in the Philippines
    Check out the link below:

3. HIV consultation is FREE in all government HIV/AIDS Treatment Hubs
4. Some baseline lab tests are FREE in the government HIV/AIDS Treatment Hubs
5. Some Hubs offer FREE CD4 and Viral Load Testing
6. So what makes HIV expensive?
    a. If aside from HIV, one has already other infections
    b. lab tests and treatment of other infections caused by the weakened immune system are
        NOT FREE in all the hubs.
    c. Specific infections will be referred to specific doctors and their consultation fees are 
        NOT FREE
    d. Having HIV doesn't mean a person will be hospitalised. However, if one has already
        infections reflecting that the person has AIDS, then hospitalization maybe required
        are is NOT FREE.

If I were you, stop thinking about the costs because the more you delay the HIV test, the more the likelihood that you won't be in control of your health. If you delay the HIV test, and if you are indeed positive and already have infections, then you are just paving the way for spending money for your health.

Just take the HIV test now and if you turn out to be positive, then at least you will know your health status and if you have infections. It is better to be proactive and avoid the aggravation of infections and the tremendous cost of treatment of these other infections.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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