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Hi Pozzie. 

I have this question in mind if I also need to take prophylaxis while taking my ARV. I just finished my 6 months medication for my PTB and now I am only taking my daily ARV. After enrolling myself to a hub I never had chance to talk to my ID nor meet her personally since her schedule at that hub is only once in a week. Only the nurse in charge is the on assisting me and schedule my ARV refill. Nurse never mentioned anything about prophylaxis. So I dont know if I do need to take prophylaxis too. 

By the way I was diagnosed last March of 2013. First CD4 count was at the range of 125 and will get my 2nd CD4 end of September. I wanted to transfer to RITM Alabang too coz I feel like I am not getting the full attention for PLHIV in my hub right now. I have read all good things about RITM Alabang and about Dr. Ditangco on how she/he attends to PLHIV patients too. I want to meet other PLHIV patient in RITM or a support group there as well to feel that I am not alone. How can I transfer from one hub to another? what are the papers I need to prepare? 

I am a member of Philhealth and paying it as Private member since I was diagnosed due to the fact that it is not easy to get CF1 through my company. Cant make any alibis so I decided to pay it as a Private member. 

Hope to hear from you. Many thanks to you Pozzie and for all the research you’re doing to answer all our questions. Your blog has been my lifesaver and my knowledge base center. 

Stay strong and Healthy. Thanks for inspiring us all Pozzie. God bless us




Thank you for your email. Thank you for sharing us your concerns and for the kind words that you wrote about the blog. 

Like what I tell my readers, the blog started out as my diary but then the emails started pouring in and I started answering questions and doing researches. Now, I am glad that it has become a portal for PLHIV's to get their strength and wisdom, for others to become aware that HIV and AIDS are a reality and are to be taken seriously. Because of the blog, a lot of people are getting tested daily and the questions that were not addressed are being answered because of my linkages with hubs, fellow PLHIV's and advocates and the best HIV doctors in the country. 

On my part, the blog has opened new doors for me to help more. One of the projects of the blog, The Red Ribbon Group, has become one of the online HIV groups in facebook where people can post questions, news and breakthroughs, and ask for support. The Love Fund, is another project of the blog in cooperation with Dr. Ditangco and RITM-ARG, wherein we ask donations, both monetary and medicines, for the medical needs of the indigent PLHIV's in RITM-ARG. The newest project, The Project Red Ribbon, is a monthly outreach program to patients in the HIV/AIDS Treatment Hubs. It involves feeding of patients, an inspirational talk to patients, and a visit to the confined patients in the hospital. The projects of the blog are now reaching out to many and are now serving to those who are needing of support.

Now to answer your concerns:

1. Only your HIV doctor can prescribe you the prophylaxis, in case you really need it because she knows your medical records. Best is to see your doctor immediately, by scheduling a consultation or come when she is there in the hub. 

2. I have heard of your hub where only a nurse is assisting and not an HIV doctor. All hubs should have an available HIV doctor present so the patients who are coming in can ask questions or can be consulted.

3. If you want to transfer to RITM-ARG in Alabang, you can just get all your medical documents from your current hub and ask for a transfer. If you have all the copies of your medical records, including your confirmatory HIV test result and a prescription of your ARV's, then you can just go to RITM-ARG and enrol yourself in. You can bring your PhilHealth documents too so they can process it in the hub.

Once again, thank you for all the nice things you wrote about the blog and I do hope that I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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