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Hi pozzie,

It is been a while since I last share something in your blog due to my busy schedule, but I had promised myself to write again after I've got my follow up cd4 count, whether It will be good one or bad. I'm proud to tell that from 268, it goes up to 502, which my ID physician commended which coincedentally came also to the institution I belong.... what a small world haha. though it is good, I believe it can still rise a bit higher if I was able to have a daily 8 hour of sleep, which is usually hard to do - juggling studies ( I'm taking a 2nd degree), practicing my profession and a bit of social life if time permits.

Just like what you were telling to the others especially to those newly diagnosed, HIV is not the end of our life, but just a new chapter. It doesnt make us less of a person, rather it make us a better individual. By having a correct mindset, a positive attitude and complete adherence, we dont just take back the life we had lost but gain a much better one. The experiences, struggles and success we had encountered molded us to be a stronger person, which enable us to face life's challenges and help those struggling along the path.

To qoute the line I daily saw posted in a bulletin, God's no is not rejection, it is redirection. Maybe this condition was given to us, because through this path we can be a more mature, responsible and productive person. Personally, I take this as a challenge and an oppurtunity to prove not just to those important in my life but also to myself, that being  a PLHIV is not a hindrance in pursuing your dream and having a successful and fulfilling life.

Life is short with or without HIV, make it as meaningful as possible.




Hi there.

Thank you for your email and for sharing your story.

Usually I don't reply to a story or an experience shared by fellow PLHIV's but in your case I really wanted to. You have a great, positive perspective and I want all my readers and my fellow PLHIV's to absorb it and keep it in their hearts.

Congratulations with your current CD4 count. You owe that to yourself. You did a great job. Like what I have been telling all my readers, your health is your priority and it will definitely show how you are working on your health with improved counts, both CD4 and VL. I acknowledge your great efforts and by doing so, you are showing the world, how with the right attitude, with the right commitment to health, that one can really rebound back to a normal life.

By valuing your life, by focusing on your health, by making your new "journey" more meaningful, you already have defeated HIV. Some people make HIV as a disability, a weakness or a venue to make other people miserable, but in your case, with your right attitude and belief that everything will be alright in time, you showed everyone how strong you are and how brave you are, thus gaining all my respect. Like what I always say, I am an advocate of HIV fighters and I keep on encouraging all PLHIV's to live their lives productively and successfully, not to be totally dependent on others but responsible for themselves, to love and not hurt other people, to stand on their own even with the hardest challenges, because only by then one can really appreciate life and living. You got it, you listened and believed, and now you are benefitting the fruits of your labor. Congratulations. 

I do hope that people who are reading your story will learn from it and instill in their hearts the true essence of making their own lives meaningful too.

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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