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Dear Poziepinoy,

Again and again, I'm the OFW who were deported from UAE to Philippines for being diagnosed HIV Positive last June though that was the most tragic thing that happened in my life, but that's the time also when I have experience the extreme happiness in my entire life after the Police freed me at the Airport. A very great journey indeed for at first I have questioned God, why of all the people on earth, I'm the chosen one to suffer from HIV.

Anyhow, being a Nurse here in Cebu for 6 years both employed in the academe and in hospitals, my fear of not having the consultation the time I landed in Cebu is because of my fear that my Former students, reviewees, co workers, our previous residents will know my status and reveal to the whole Cebu Island that I am positive. 

Finally this day, August 28, 2013 is my first day to be exposed with a new found friend who has HIV also and his story inspired me a lot and gives me the courage to submit myself for medical examination finally here in the Philippines despite my fears. They're a very nice and kind couple who guide me and help me to have the appointment with Dr. Hernandez. I listened to his story, what he is now is far more different from that character he portrayed on his story. I listened also to another person's story and I feel, I am not alone in this battle.

I finally meet my IDS, Dra. Hernandez, a very passionate and with warmth personality doctor and I am very comfortable with her and I am sure that I have all confidence in her. My fears and anxiety comes to an end and tomorrow, 29th August I will finally have my first CD4, Viral Load, Baseline Laboratory and HIV testing.

They say "When it rain it really pours" yes maybe. I may be blacklisted in UAE, deported and lost my Job, a Job that I really wish for and of lost also the dreams I have for myself, for my future and for my family... But despite the RAIN and DESPITE THE POURS.. God will always be there.. God will shelter us and God will answer our prayers.

"del" and to Dra. Hernandez, I would say Thank you Lord for giving me these people as an answer to my prayers. I would say, for those who wanted to seek someone for help, someone to talk  too here in Cebu.. I am just here willing to extend myself.. I know and I understand how you are feeling and I am here to listen... As long as I am in Cebu and as long as I am still living.. I am here.. just reach out 0949-766-7883.

It will be a great journey... and we're together! :) God bless everyone... 

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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