Live Your Life!

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I have received some emails from PLHIV's who are losing hope, who have lost a partner because of HIV, who have no jobs and are feeling so lost, who have already given up because of the financial burden brought about by the seriousness of their opportunistic infections. I even received an email asking for euthanasia as even the family have given up on the PLHIV.

Don't Give Up!

HIV is a chronic disease with treatment. Even the opportunistic infections when diagnosed early  and have given medical interventions can be treated too. So don't give up. We have good doctors here. We have good medical facilities in the country. The ARV's are FREE. 

People give up because they think they are lost. People give up because they feel helpless and are a burden to their families. People give up because they think negative instead of thinking that everything will be alright if they will try focusing on getting better.

There is Life with HIV!

It is a matter of changing perspectives. Don't think of what you have lost, but instead focus on what you will be able to do. Don't focus on the things that you can't control, on the things that you have already lost, like a partner or a job, but just focus your attention on becoming strong and living your life. Take a day at a time. Accomplish small tasks on a daily basis. Focus on your health and everything will fall in the right place.

Utilize Positivism

Be optimistic. Hope for the best. Look at the bright side. Easier said but if one will focus on the good side, things get better in no time. Smiling when you feel down triggers a chemical reaction in your body  that will change the way you look at things on a daily basis. 

Talk and Be with Positive People

Being positive is contagious. Be with people who have tremendous amount of positive energy. Listen to people who are happy and have been very successful in their journey with HIV. Read stories of the lives of PLHIV's who have gone through what you are going through and now are happy and contented with their lives. Participate in group gatherings of healthy, surviving, lively and successful individuals.

Get Busy!

If you lost your job, then look for a job again. If you feel alone, then be with people. If you lost interest in things, then start a hobby. If you don't understand things about HIV, then start reading and start empowering yourself with knowledge and wisdom. Take a day at a time. Get busy so you won't think anymore. A busy mind won't think of worthless or useless things. A busy body will just have good night's rest at the end of the day.

Have Faith!

The strongest army lies within us. The greatest armor is in our hands. BELIEVE. Just believe! Believe in yourself! Believe that you are going to get well. Believe that your doctors are the greatest and that they will help you to be strong again and assist you to recover fast so you can get back on your feet again. Believe in the power of the ARV's; that they are your lifeline to a better health, that they will in time "tame" the virus to undetectable levels so that our immune system can recover and won't hurt your anymore. Believe that there are other people who love you and are willing to help you with your struggle. You have a family, you have friends and even people who don't know you who will be there on your journey.

Live Your Life!

Stay busy. Focus on your health and getting better should be your "new job". Focus on getting back on your feet by looking for a job that you love, and start becoming successful again. Love others and not hurt anyone and you will draw people towards you, and love you more. Show to people around you that you are a fighter, that you won't give up and you gain all their respect.

Life with HIV is hard at first, but brushing off the dust from your feet, learn from all your mistakes and start standing up and walking towards a new and healthier life is a new challenge for everyone. We all need to understand that HIV is not the obstacle but it is only the way we think that makes it hard. We have to put in our minds that if others have done it and by taking the same path that other successful PLHIV's have taken, then there is no way to go but to get better!

Don't lose hope now. This is the hour, that you are being called for to fight, and to show to the entire world that you can have a better life even with HIV!

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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