PLHIV Story: My Great Journey!

Posted by Pozziepinoy on 2:49 PM

Dear Pozzie,

It has been a great journey being HIV positive!

As you may remember I wrote you an email and it was published dated 23rd June. It was the saddest day of my life when I knew that I am HIV positive and needs to be deported. Working for 3 years in Abu Dhabi was indeed a journey to remember. As I look back, the first thing that comes to my mind is to hate myself for my actions. I almost have what I want to be... a progressive career being on the top management of the hotel and won several prestigious awards in the Middle East, nice and comfortable living, world travel and my in going Canadian Immigration Application. However, everything just disappeared in just a blink of an eye. 27th June 2013 when I finally bid farewell to my workmates and leaving them with all questions why my resignation is very sudden, it was the same day when the Health Authority, take me Picture and biometrics and put me into Isolation. For me that place is exactly the opposite of my comfty living. They said, it's not a prison but a hospital isolation but however you're not free to go out and socialized as you will be locked in the ward. But in despair and in isolation, it is where I found God and submit myself to prayers. Realizing that in the past 3 years I havent got myself into prayers and thanksgiving knowing I almost have everything. I stayed in the isolation for 24 hours and the police fetch me there with their service van, though im not being handcuffed but the van seems like used in transferring a prisoner. I go though the process of being blacklisted in the immigration and then im free. For now, I back here in Cebu to start my life and appreciate the beauty of life and of having a grateful and a life fullbof thanksgiving. At the end, my Dear Sto.Nino de Cebu hadn't forsaken and leave me alone. I havent have the chance to tell my family nor my closest friend about my stats. But in sooner time, once I have the courage I'll do it.

For now, I dont have any health concerns but I will subject my self for HIV test again maybe not in Cebu coz I know alot of people in Vicente Sotto and I am afraid that my stats will he revealed. Im looking for a job and hope to have this job in Manila. There's more to life being HIV positive. Life has to continue and start all over again and let God be in your life. I don't know until when I am still fine and in good shape, but I'll used every single moment of it into thanksgiving and living it to the fullest...

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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