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Posted by Pozziepinoy on 2:22 PM

tanong ko lang po. nung may may 14 nag pa test ako at neg. naman ung result... bago ako mag pa test 2weeks pa lang ung last kong unprotected sex. nung mga tym na un kaya ako nag pa test kasi almost 2weeks po ako nag ka lagnat at nag tae... base po don sa mga nabasa ko tapos mong ma karanas ng mga sintomas wala ka ng sintomps na mararanasan... 

ang tanong ko po bakit po nagun nakakaramdam ulit ako ng mga sintomas tulad ng pangangatal ng mga kalamnan ko. tapos po nag ka kulani ako sa bandang batok maliit lang xa. meron din po akong slight fever pang 3days na po xa now. 

bakit po ganto sobrang natatakot po kasi ako dito diko naman magawang mag pa check up ulit kasi kailangan 3monts pa bago ulit mag pa check 

tulunangan nyo naman po ako... kasi po nag aalala ako na baka kung anu anu ang makuha kong sakit.


I want to ask something. Last May 14, I got tested and it was negative. Before I got tested it was 2 weeks from my last unprotected sex. At that time, I took the test because almost 2 weeks that I was experiencing fever and diarrhea. Based on what I have read, after experiencing the symptoms, you won't see any symptoms anymore.

My question is why I am feeling weakness of my body. Then I had a small nodule on my nape. I also have fever for 3 days now.

I am so scared and I can't just take the test again because it needs to be 3 months post exposure.

Please help me. I am worried that maybe I am getting different infections.



Thank yu for your email.

I know it is scary but since you had your HIV test 2 weeks post infection, it won't be conclusive yet. The best time is to retake the test at 3 months post exposure so you won't keep on coming back to the HIV testing centre.

One thing that I would like to reiterate is that when you feel something, go straight to the hospital, no matter what it is. People tend to think that it is always HIV related but half of the cases that I was able to give advice on, when it comes to having symptoms, is basically not related to HIV at all. 

Please don't wait for symptoms. HIV has a different treatment and having symptoms of specific infections have different treatments too. You can address one while waiting for your next HIV test. Please don't wait and start being proactive about your health now. Go to the doctor NOW and get your symptoms diagnosed!

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

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