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Posted by Pozziepinoy on 9:32 PM

Hi there,

ive been reading your blog the whole night pero wala akong makitang sagot o baka meron kaso naoverlooked ko lang but anyways i just want to know if in case na positive sa HIV may possibilities ba matanggap parin sa trabaho? =>  

i know abroad HINDI na talaga pero dito kaya sa atin possible ba? kung hindi paano ang gamutan lalo nat sa walang trabaho at gustong ilihim sa pamilya dahil ayaw nang dumagdag pa sa pasakit ng magulang/ Nabasa ko rin na may mga FREE naman na binigay subalit sa pagkakaintindi ko HINDI LAHAT dhil meron at meron paring babayaran  . . . 

Thank you.



Hi there.

I've been reading your blog the whole night but I can't find any answer or maybe there is but I overlooked it. Anyway, I want to know if in case positive with HIV, is there a possibility to have a job here?

I know abroad, it's not possible anymore but here in the Philippines, is it still possible? If not, what will happen to the treatment if somebody has no job and won't want to tell the family because won't want to burden the family. I have read that there are are FREE services but not all as there are things that one has to shoulder.

Thank you.




Thank you fro your email. Thank you for sharing your concerns.

Let me answer your questions that you raised in the order that you asked them

1. Anyone, even a person with HIV or PLHIV can have a job here in the Philippines. The reason for this is it is against the law for a company to require an HIV test prior to employment. A company requiring one for employment is punishable by law.

2. It is still possible to work abroad for a PLHIV. However, there are countries that require specific documents for one to be granted a working permit or visa. Some countries that don't discriminate against PLHIV's would require documents like who will take care of your health care, your ARV's and HIV treatment as they don't want their governments to shoulder the costs of the OFW's health care. The best way is to go and research on each countries specific requirements for working visa processing prior to application. Trust me, you can find a country where you can work.

3. If one doesn't have a job and needs treatment (especially for baseline tests or treatment of opportunistic infections), then the PLHIV will have to talk to the staff of the hub and tell them the financial problem. Usually they will refer the PLHIV to the social worker of the hospital. In RITM-ARG, the clinic linked up with PAFPI and both assist PLHIV's with medical care. The PLHIV will just have to go and enrol in the hub and present documents to prove that he or she has financial issues for assessment. Also, Dr. Ditangco and I assist patients for medical assistance through The Love Fund (for small assistance) and the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). 

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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