My CBC Result

Posted by Pozziepinoy on 11:36 AM
Just the other day, I went to my private hospital and had my CBC test out of curiosity. Anyways, my CD4 count is due next month so I want to check if ever there are issues with my blood count. 

After just hours I got the result and everything was normal. Even my WBC count was within the normal range. I texted both Dr. Ditangco and my friend doctor Dr. B and told them the good news. I even told them that it seems like I don't even have the virus at all. Both of them were happy about the result.

I am excited for my next CD4 test. No matter what the result will be I am happy as I know everything is fine because:

1. I never have missed any dosage or has been late in taking my ARV's
2. I have never been sick.
3. I am physically fit and always working out.
4. I eat healthy.
5. I sleep around 8 hours every night.
6. I know how to de-stress.
7. I give back to people who need help.
8. I don't hurt other people.
9. I keep a very positive outlook in life.

One can get ahead in life even with HIV. All one has to do is to have faith in oneself, have faith in his or her doctors and have faith in all his medications.

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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