Please Ask Your Doctor First!

Posted by Pozziepinoy on 6:07 PM
I answered a phone call this morning. The reason for the call was because the caller got confused with the scheduling of his ARV's. Because of what he heard from other PLHIV's in twitter and other chatrooms, saying that they are taking their own ARV's at a specific time or even combined their medicines and took them all at their own scheduled time, he got confused as to which one is right. He panicked and then got scared of drug resistance. His HIV doctor from his hub is in another country and he didn't know who to turn to.

I only give facts and because this is a matter involving ARV's, I called the staff of RITM-ARG and asked about his concern. Although the staff nurse gave me tips on how they schedule their prescribed timing of ARV's, she reiterated that the PLHIV should still follow what his HIV doctor has told him to do. I totally agreed with her and relayed the message to the person.

There are a lot of information over the net. Sometimes, even the PLHIV's who are taking the same medicines or ARV's give suggestions on how to manage the timing of your medicines. But I still believe that every one is unique and that each one has a different medical record. Please, don't listen to anybody except your own HIV doctor, who holds your medical record. He or she alone can decide on your medical management. He or she alone can decide to change your schedule or your cocktail combinations. He or she alone is the person to talk to when it comes to your medical care. Anybody can give another PLHIV a tip but PLEASE, ask your doctor first before changing anything. Don't allow others to confuse you. Their experience especially with their medicines may be right for them but may not fit yours. Please remember that whenever you get a consultation with your HIV doctor, the doctor checks all your medical chart first before he or she gives his or her advice. He or she checks out the FACTS first, your medical history, before proceeding to make a recommendation.

I am telling everyone this so that mistakes can be avoided. Yes, we need to be proactive about our health but PLEASE follow your doctor. If you hear or read something from the net or from other PLHIV's, write them down and during your consultation, ask them to your doctor. No offense to the other PLHIV's as they may be giving you some great pointers, but like what I said, PLEASE ASK your doctor first!

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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