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good day pozziepinoy! 

anu-ano po yung mga vaccines na dapat meron ang isang PLHIV? libre po ba ito sa RITM alabang? doon po kasi ang  treatment hub ko. kung hindi, magkano po kaya ang expenses? BTW, may 1 year contribution na rin ako sa philhealth. okay na ba yun? maraming salamat!


Good day Pozziepinoy!

What are the vaccines that a PLHIV should have? Are they free in RITM Alabang as that is my hub? If not, how much are they? BTW, I have 1 year PhilHealth contribution. Is that enough? Thank you so much.


Hi there.

Thank you for your email.

Only your doctor knows what vaccines can be prescribed for you based on your baseline tests and age. You have to coordinate with your HIV doctor and ask for a prescription. Some vaccines also have double doses, like the hepa B vaccine so really you have to ask your doctor first.

In RITM Alabang, there are a few vaccines that are offered for free but it depends on their availability. If I were you, once you have the prescription, just get it from other clinics or hospitals. Also, the PhilHealth doesn't cover for vaccinations. 

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

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