Email 430: HIV and STD Tests

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Hi Pozzie!

Thanks nga pala kase andyan ka para sa mga tanong namin.

Nagpa test po ako sa RITM nung Dec. 2012. Negative po yung result nya. Tas may nakasex po ako nung March (kapwa lalaki din). Ang last encounter po namin ay nung mga second or third week of May lang po.

Parang wala naman ako naramdaman na kakaiba after namin magsex. Kaso netong mga nakaraang araw, may napansin ako'ng discharge mula sa penis ko. Parang precum lang sya. Pero andalas nya, tsaka medyo madami. Kahit hindi erect, lumalabas pa din. Tas nisearch ko sa internet, tugma sa chlamydia yung itsura nya. Pero wala ako nararamdaman na masakit.

Ask ko lang po, pwede po ba ko ulet magpatest sa RITM? Libre pa rin po ba? Tsaka may bayad po ba yung chlamydia/gonorhea test?

Maraming salamat po.


Hi Pozzie!

Thanks for being there for all our questions.

I took the test in RITM last December 2012. The result was negative. Then I had sex again last March (with a male again). Our last encounter was second or third week of May only.

I felt nothing after we had sex. But these past few days, I saw a discharge coming from my penis. It looked like precum. But it was frequent and a lot. Even when it is not erect, there is still the discharge. Then I researched over the net and it matched with the symptoms of chlamydia. But I didn't feel any pain.

I would like to ask if I could take the test again in RITM? Is it still free? Also is there a fee for chlamydia/gonorrhea test? 

Thank you so much.



Thank you for your email. Thank you for the kind words that you wrote about the blog.

With regards to your question, the HIV test in RITM Satellite Clinic is still free. However, for the STD tests, usually there is a fee for each one. The best way to know is to call the clinic and ask for their rates and when can you go there for the STD tests.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

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