Email 478: "Everything Was Normal"

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I'm one of the avid reader of this blog. I would like to thank you for providing full support to those who HIV positive individuals. I'm a medical professional and soon to depart the country bound for the USA. I admit, I have some encounters way back in 2007 but all done
in a safe way. From then on, because of fear of the disease, i just engaged mostly in jacking off hehehe. Of couse, I still have the fears what If time will come, symptoms will just occur unexpectedly. 3 weeks before my embassy interview, (July 2013), as a protocol and immigration requirement,  I was required to undergo thorough medical examination (one of a well known hospital in the country), and part of the requirment is the HIV testing and some serology test which includes Hep.B, and VDRL testing. I was sleepless for about 2 nights thinking what if my HIV test turned out to be REACTIVE?

Those "kagagaguhan' times flashed backed on my mind, and when my medical result was released, the nurse on the reception side told me "Here's the copy of your medical examination including CD copy of your chest X-ray, everything is normal". I immediately
look for the HIV test and it was NON-REACTIVE. Thank god for the gift i said to myself.

I admit I became paranoid of the result of my employment medical examination. Finally, my visa was issued and will be flying to the US next month. I always remind myself, if possible, abstain from sex, do it the safest way, Ijhave my 2 bare hands with me, I could use them anytime lols..without fear of the disease. Thank you very much. God Bless us all

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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