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hi! i don't know you personally but your blogs enlighten me. naicipan ko mag msg sayo to ask help personally.

at first or kahit hanggang ngyon pa naman.. natatakot ako mag pa test.  kahit na alam ko malaki ang chance or around 70% sure na infected nko ng virus. nag start ako mag worry when someone texted me na he is positive. hindi cya nagpakilala saken. pero sinabi nya na we had sex before.  he just simply informing me na magpa check up na rin daw ako. natakot ako pero hindi ko na cya ikinagulat because i admit na meron ako mga unsafe experience before. natatakot ako now. but after reading your blogs. lumakas ang loob ko na mag pa check im decided na mag pacheck up na before its too late.  please help me nman kung may idea ka kung kelan at what time walang gaanong tao sa clinic sa malate? maybe hiya at takot na rin na merong makakilala sken while nag papa test ako. specially medyo tambay ako sa mga gimikang pang bi. nabasa ko ren na aabutin ng 2 hrs yung paghantay ng result. while waiting nandun ka lang ba sa clinic? and pacencia na kung sayu ako humingi ng tulong. wala na rin kasi ako matakbuhan pa. looking forward na ma guide moko.




Hi! I don’t know you personally but your blogs enlighten me. I thought of sending you a message to ask help personally.

At first and up to now, I am scared to take the test, even though I know that there is a big chance or I’m sure that around 70% I am infected with the virus. I started worrying when someone texted me that he is positive. He didn’t introduce himself but he said that we had sex before. He just simply informed me that I should take the test. I am scare but it didnt shock me because I admit that I had unsafe experiences before. I am scared now. But after reading your blogs, I had the courage to take it. Now, I am decided to take the test before it’s too late.

Please help me if you have an idea as to when and what time there are a few people in the clinic in Malate. I am embarrassed and scared that somebody will recognize me when I am getting the test, especially I hang out in places of bisexual people. I also read that it will take two hours for the result to come out. While waiting, will you be there in the clinic? Sorry I turned to you for help. I don’t know who to turn to. Looking forward for your guidance.




Thank you for your email. Thank you for sharing your concerns with me and my readers. I am proud of you for planning to take the test.

Let me answer your concerns in the order that you asked them.

1. Take the test ASAP. I advocate the mass testing by PLHIV's to people who they have slept with before to take the test, and maybe the one who sent you the message was one of my readers. Now the responsibility of taking it rests on you but think of it as a blessing because, as you are lucky that somebody has told you to take the test. Some people (myself, included) had a late diagnosis, meaning we got tested late and we already have infections brought about by our weakened immune system. If I were you, don't think anymore. Just take it in the soonest opportune time.

2. More and more are taking the HIV test in RITM Satellite Clinic because it is FREE there so  I tell you, there will always be people there. You can try going there when it opens on weekdays as there might be a few people in line who will take the test. Just don't be embarrassed. You have to think of yourself now and less of the people around you. You need to focus on YOU and not mind the rest of the people there.

3. To make you feel relaxed and comfortable, look for Nurse Nicka or Nurse Trisha and tell them that Pozziepinoy sent you so you can be assisted. Trust me they are very friendly, accommodating, non judgmental and very professional.

4. Sorry but I don't work in RITM Satellite Clinic so don't expect that I will be there. Only a handful of PLHIV's have seen me and only the staff of RITM-ARG and RITM Satellite Clinic know me. Not even the counselors in the clinic have met me. I am only an online counsellor, promoting HIV testing, helping with information dissemination about HIV/AIDS and it's treatment, and gives hope to all PLHIV's about the goodness and beauty of life even with HIV.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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