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thanks for your information Pozziepinoy, kakabasa ko lng na ang yeast infection ay part ng symptoms ng HIV...

1)Possible b na sa early stage ng HIV ay yeast infection lng wlang ibang kasamang kahit n ano as in or dapat nilalagnat k rin?

2)may pinagka iba b ang hitsura ng yeast infection sa may HIV at wala? kung meron pls paki describe nga po..

3)ang pasulpot sulpot b na pangangati ng balat pero wlang rash eh pwd ring sign ng early HIV?

pasensya n po kung maraming tanong batay kc sa mga nababasa ko s internet  
medyo magkakaiba eh since mas tiwala ako s mga sagot nyo kaya sainyo ko  

worried girl


Thanks for your information Pozziepinoy. I just read about that yest infection is part of the symptoms of HIV.

1. Is it possible that at the early stage, it is only the yeast infection with no other symtoms or one should have fever too?

2. Is there a difference between yeast infection and HIV? If there is, can you describe it?

3. is the intermittent itching of skin without any rash can be a sign of early HIV?

I'm sorry if I have a lot of questions based on what I read on the internet. There are differences and since I trust on your responses, it is best to get the answers from you.

worried girl


Hi again worried girl.

Thank you once again for your email and thanks for sharing your concerns. 

Yeast infection is a fungal infection affecting the mouth, esophagus and vagina. One of the most common HIV related opportunistic infection is a yeast infection that affects the mouth or esophagus known as the oral thrush, frequently caused by the fungus, candida albicans and this happens to persons with HIV when their immune systems drops, usually if the CD4 count is below 200. In the vagina, yeast infection may occur with or without HIV, and it happens when there are changes in the balance of these organisms, like taking too much antibiotics, high estrogen levels, or certain health infections such as diabetes and HIV. The infection in the vagina exacerbates when there is an advanced HIV infection.

Now, let me address your questions to clarify things:

1. Yeast infection, whether oral, esophageal or vaginal when associated with HIV can be magnified in the advanced stages of HIV.

2. Yeast infection is a fungal infection while HIV is a virus. They are entirely different organisms. However, when the immune system is weakened by HIV, the yeast infections come out and become one of the most common opportunistic infections. This happens when the CD4 count drops below 200 in most cases.

3. HIV has non specific signs and symptoms. The itching or skin irritation can be anything. Just go and get a consultation with a dermatologist as it can be anything.

Sometimes we just resort to the internet for the information. However, when it comes to HIV, there are really no specific symptoms as each individual has different weak body or organ parts which means that the weakest produce the symptoms first as the immune system degenerates. That is the reason why some people get lung problems first, others have skin problems, some have organ issues, and some don't have symptoms at all but when they get their CD4 count, the result comes out as single digits already. Always remember that the only way to know if one has HIV is by taking the HIV test not for any symptoms, even the most common symptoms that others think are related to HIV.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

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