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Posted by Pozziepinoy on 4:27 PM

Hi pozzie,

I have been meaning to email you about how grateful I am to what you have done with this blog. Ever since I was diagnosed last September 2012 with a CD4 count less than 40 and you, through your blog, helped me in starting my journey. HIV/AIDS is really an issue that encompasses economic stature, age, and sexuality and, as such, should never be taken lightly. Some people have reduced the issue of HIV/AIDS to mere pill-popping, forgetting about the side effects of the ironically toxic but life-saving medicine that we are currently taking and the complications of the disease itself. 

I am 28 years old now, working full time. My CD4 count dropped from my baseline to below 10 (as of April 2013). My doctor has moved me to my second line of ARVs from Tenofovir + Lamivudine + Efavirenz to Tenofovir + Lamivudine + Aluvia. I am taking a lot of prophylaxis meds right now just so I don't get (even just) the flu. I have been sick (hospitalized) thrice (twice for just having fever and once for having severe drug reactions) since I got diagnosed, stayed there for more than a week each time. Doctors who have seen me say my appearance is not reflective of my CD4 count. 

I have been considering myself blessed with a supportive family, an understanding set of friends, and a very loving partner (non-reactive). I will share my whole story another time so as not to bore you. For now, I would just like you to know that if you need a hand answering those emails, I can help. I cannot claim that I know a lot about our condition. I am not active in support or advocacy groups. Heck, my CD4 count even dropped hehe. But maybe I can help remind PLHIVs that it is worth fighting this fight.

You are doing good pozzie. I do hope to see more personal sharing (by you and the other PLHIVs) in your site.

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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