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How are hope your in good health always. I read some of your messages at "LIVING WITH HIV IN THE PHILIPPINES". Just try to send you this first message for  you hoping that you will send me your reply. I am so much interested to know more about "HIV & AIDS" and the support groups etc. I am waiting for your reply at this email add. Thank you & God Bless.



Dear XXX,

Thank you for your email and for reading this blog,

Your question is a very general one and thus I can only answer it generally.  There are numerous NGOs, Organizations and Government Departments that you can contact for any specific questions you have regarding HIV/AIDS.  There are also online support groups such as the facebook one Pozzie Pinoy and I started called The Red Ribbon.  It is an international support group for HIV activists, supporters and people living with HIV.  You can find out more about it by looking down the right hand side of the Pozzie Pinoy Blogspot home page and clicking on the appropriately labeled icon.  There are also other online support groups on facebook and other social media.  Some local organizations may run support groups and meetings in their respective areas.  If you contact the various organizations via the websites I have provided below they may be able to give you contact details for any, such as Cebu Plus, in your specific area.  If there is no official one in your area, and you wish to start one, then just do so.  If you are HIV+ and have a group of HIV+ friends you can always start your own.  You can arrange to meet on a regular basis for social events and discussions.  You may be able to organize guest speakers from time to time.  Please contact these organizations for further details regarding any that may already exist in your area and please consider joining The Red Ribbon Group, if you feel it is appropriate. 

Websites for some HIV related NGOs and Government Departments in The Philippines
Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)
Department of Health - National Epidemiology Center (DOH)

I hope you have found this response helpful.

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Malcolm Brown.

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