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yung partner go confirm hiv carrier.were 3 months together kakatest q lng sa ritm satelite this july 2013..i wanna ask kung pwede p rin q mg patest uli kc pkiramdam q n may mga symtoms n rin ako..pwede p b uli ako mag patest...


My partner got confirmed as an HIV carrier. We are 3 months together now and I just had my HIV test in RITM Satellite CLinic  this July 2013. I wanna ask if I can get tested again as I am feeling that I have symptoms already. Can I get another test?



Thank you for your email.

With regards to your concern, you can get another test 3 months after your last test or 6 months post exposure. That is the advice given by the RITM Satellite Clinic staff to all their patients as it is their policy.

However, if you want to take another test in another clinic, of course you can take it again. But like what I said, if I were you I would follow the advice of the staff and the counselors in the clinic.

You said you are feeling something different and you think that you have the symptoms of HIV. Like what I always tell my readers, HIV has non specific symptoms and the only way for you to get an accurate diagnosis is by taking the HIV test. If that is still not enough for you, then you can get an appointment with any infectious disease doctor in any hospital so you can find out what really is wrong with you. Like what Dr. Ditangco, the head of RITM-ARG, has told me before, people tend to not address the current problems and always think that the HIV test is the only diagnostic tool to get treatment for whatever he or she is feeling. She stressed that if someone feels something different, go to the hospital and have a check up. Whatever you are feeling could be anything.

Also, please use a condom during sex. If your partner loves you, he should protect you from getting HIV from him. You guys can use 2 layers of condoms to be sure and always check if it breaks during your sexual intercourse. 

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

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