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hi pozziepinoy! I have a question. I am HIV+ and I want to know kung pwede pa rin ba ako makabuo ng baby with an hiv negative partner na hindi siya mahahawa at yung baby? may nabasa ako about pre exposure prophylaxis. malaki ba yung chance na mahawaan yung girl at yung baby? May mga methods ba na dapat sundin? worried ako kasi gusto ko pa magkapamilya at ayaw kong mahawaan yung partner ko yung magiging anak namin.


Hi Pozziepinoy! I Have a question. I am HIV+ and I want to know if it is possible that I can have a baby with an HIV negative partner and she won't get the virus or the baby? I have read about pre exposure prophylaxis. Is there a big chance that the girl and the baby will get it? Are there methods that we need to follow? I am worried because I want to have a family of my own and I don't want my partner and the baby to get it


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Yes.  If you want to be a parent, having HIV shouldn’t stop you. There are several options for HIV+ men in a discordant relationship who want to be parents.  One is a process called sperm washing. Others include artificial insemination with donor sperm and adoption.

Sperm washing is a process in which a man’s sperm are washed free of HIV before being inserted into a woman.  It is a way to help HIV discordant couples conceive a baby without passing the virus from the father to the mother or child.  Sperm washing appears to significantly decrease the risk of passing HIV infection from an HIV-positive man to an HIV-negative woman.  Note however, that sperm washing can be time-consuming and very expensive. It is rarely covered by insurance.  Consult with your healthcare provider for more information. 

Artificial insemination is done using donor sperm from a sperm bank.  By law, donor sperm samples are tested for HIV, so women who are artificially inseminated with donor sperm are protected against HIV infection.

Adoption is another option for people living with HIV/AIDS who want to have children.  Your HIV/AIDS service providers may be able to refer you to the proper agencies or organizations and help you begin the adoption process.

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Get tested, stay healthy, and if you’re on ARV, compliant with your ARV regimen.

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