Email 421: Sexual Relationships and HIV

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Good Afternoon.

posible ko po ba mahawa yung present partner ko now kung nag positive ako sa hiv sa 1st screening wait ko pa kc po ung confirmatory for 2nd screening, 1yr n 4mos na po kame pero last medical exam nya for abroad nung march, db po pag mag aabroad need ng medical exam for sure po may hiv test un pero sbe nya sa akin negative siya, dapat ko pa ba syang ipa re test for sure lang po... d ko rin po alam kng pnu ko to na acquire d ko alam kng sa past ex ko, i ask all my ex (5) pero their are all ok naman... in 1yr po ba mattrace na po ba sa blood kng meron kang hiv?

Salamat po, wait ko nalang po response nu... Godbless...


Good afternoon.

Is it possible that I infected my present partner since I turned out positive in the ist screening of my HIV test? I am waiting for my confirmatory for the 2nd screening. We have been together for 1 year and 4 months now but his last medical exam for abroad was March. It is part of the medical exam for sure but he said that he was HIV negative.Should I ask him to get a retest? I also don't know how I acquired it and I already asked all my ex, 5 of them, but they all said that they are ok. In one year, will HIV be traced in the blood.

Thank you. Will wait for your response. God bless.



Thank you for your email. Thank you for sharing your experience and story with us.

With regards to your concern, yes it is still possible that you may have infected your partner especially if you have had unprotected sex. You can ask your partner to do the test again if you wish to finally confirm it since the last HIV test that he had was in March.

However, like what I always advice my readers, it is not enough to just believe your partners or ex partners about the HIV test result. It is your right to ask for that piece of paper showing the results since you may have been exposed to the virus through them.

For now, just wait for the confirmatory result and try to communicate to others on the use o protection. Also, be safe. Use condoms all the time from now on, don't mix alcohol and drugs with sex as you might forget to use protection especially when you under the influence, and stay healthy.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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