Email 423: Worrying Before Taking the Test

Posted by Pozziepinoy on 12:54 PM

good morning sir pozziepinoy.

gusto q lng itanong if anu ang mangyayari kapag ngpositive ka..? wala kasi akong work  kaya nagdadalawang isip ako na baka pagnagpatest aq at nagpositive baka madami pang gagastusin agad like cd4 count, gamot at iba pang test.. pls help..


Good morning Pozziepinoy.

What would happen if one turns out to be positive? I don't have work that is why I am having second thoughts of taking the test because if I tunr out to be positive, that I will be spending a lot more for the CD4 count, medicines, and other tests. Please help.


Thank you for your email.

I have received a lot of emails asking about problems with their finances, about the fear of having to go about if they turn out to be positive especially with the finances. But let me tell all of you this: if you all would think of finances and not think of your health now, then it will catch up on you later on. 

Taking the test while you still don't have infections is of utmost importance. The test is usually free or with a small fee depending on where you are going to take it. If you turn out to be HIV positive, remember:

1. ARV's and HIV consultation in government hubs are FREE.
2. CD4 Test and baseline tests maybe free or comes with a small fee depending on which hub you go to.

The problem with HIV is when you forget about it because of the fear of the things that you have to face. When it becomes full blown AIDS, trust me, you will be spending hundreds of thousand of pesos depending on the kind of infection you will acquire because of your weakened immune system; and the kind of treatment you will be needing and the hospital bills you will be facing. I for one was late diagnosed and I was confined for only 10 days for pneumonia and I spent almost P500,000. Reality bites but that's the way it is. Treatment of opportunistic infections is not covered by the hub anymore. Once again reality bites!

If I were you, take the first step which is the HIV test. You can go to RITM Satellite Clinic in Malate where it is free. If you turn out to be HIV positive, you can go to RITM-ARG in Alabang where all the baseline tests and CD4 test are free too.

Don't wait anymore! Just do it if you think you have been exposed to the virus. Think of your self. Think of the people that you love and the people who loves you from now on!

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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