Philippine HIV/AIDS Registry: May 2013 Report

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The Department of Health-National Epidemiology Center of the Philippines have recently released its May 2013 report about the new cases of HIV and AIDS in the Philippines. Here is a summary of the report:

1. There are 415 new cases in May 2013, 52% higher than last years record.
2. 96% of the cases were males; men having sex with men comprise 86% of the cases
3. Bulk of the cases came from NCR
4. There are now13,594 recorded HIV cases in the Philippines from 1984 to 2013
5. 97% of the cases had unprotected sexual contact.
6. 65 deaths from January to May of this year
7. As of May 2013, there are 4,115 PLHIV's on ARV's

For more details, see the full report below:

Reference: Philippine HIV and AIDS Registry: Department of Health-NEC

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