Email 425: Do I Have HIV?

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Dear Pozziepinoy.

Straight girl po ako. Nabasa ko po ung mga comments and problem s site nyo about HIV. worried po ako kc may unprotected sex po ako s mga foreiners nung mga nakaraang buwan from USA and AUSTRALIAN,sabi nmn nung mga nakatalik ko healthy dw sila at may medical check up sila every month. napaka liberated ko po kc pero simula nung napanood ko ung nasa Magpakailan man about Aids natakot po ako... nag pa test n rin po ako nung may ng HIV nag non reactive nmn po kaso may mga naka sex uli ako after nun na foreiners..wala p nmn po akong signs and symtoms ngayon... possible po b n positive ako s hiv ngayon?

Pls need ko po advice nyo nag woworried po ako at d n makatulog den konting sakit lng ng ulo iniisip ko n n bka hiv positive n ko... hope mabasa nyo ito at maka email back kau s akin. thanks

Worried  Girl....


Dear Pozziepinoy.

I am a straight girl. I read from the comments and problems in your site about HIV. I am worried because I had unprotected sex with foreigners from the past months in the USA and Australia. They all said, however, that they are healthy and they have medical check ups every month. I am very liberated but since I watched Magpakailan Man about AIDS, I got scared, I had a test in May and it was non reactive but I had sex again with foreigners. I don't have signs and symptoms now. Is it possible that I have HIV?

PLease I need advice because I am so worried and I can't sleep. Everytime that I feel that I am sick I always think that I have HIV. I wish you can read this and email back. Thanks.

Worried girl.


Hi worried girl.

Thank you for your email.

Let me give you the best advice that I can give.

1. You won't know if you have HIV until you take the test again. Check the timeline of your last unprotected sex and 3 months after that, take the HIV test again.

2. You got worried before but you still continue having unprotected sex. HIV is on the loose now. Please protect yourself and other people by using condoms all the time. 

3. Don't just believe people who you are going to have sex with that they are "safe" or "healthy". If you care about yourself, please check the actual HIV test record. I know it is hard especially if you just met the person but being proactive about your health is the best protection that you have against HIV.

4. Signs and symptoms don't mean that one has HIV. Even the healthiest person may have HIV.

Having the fear of HIV is terrible, but please have that fear all the time whenever you have an intimate physical contact with another person especially if you don't know the HIV status of that person yet.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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